Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Characteristics of Effective Instructional Materials

There are lots of strategies for a teacher to do to be effective in teaching. One of these is to go through or through instructions materials. Instructional material takes the pupil to formulate or generate ideas in order that learning would be faster and easier. Thus in the construction or use of instructional can be a video, audio or printed ones must follow certain characteristics.
First on the line, it should be on the level of the learner. Second, it should be related and relevant to the subject matter. It should clearly understand. Furthermore, the instructional material should arouse the interest of the pupils.
Be sure that the instructional materials audio, video, or printed, provide practical assessment correspond closely to the objective and the instruction. Take note also that the materials used give opportunities for enrichment and remediation.
So to ensure effectiveness in the creation of instructional materials, a teacher must be resourceful and creative.